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Whether you do the design work or outsource it with Intensa, take advantage of our expertise in selecting the right prototyping technology according to your specific requirements and expectations:

  • 3D-Printing with PLA Filament for inital demo parts and tool / fixture mock-ups
  • SLS selective laser sintering in PS, ABS and PA12 (optional `Alumide` metal powder filled grades available)
  • STL Stereolithography
  • FDM Fused Deposition Modeling
  • PUR Vacuum Casting in silicone molds ("Soft-Tooling") for demo models and functional parts
  • Rapid Tooling with EP250/310 metal powder filled resin
  • Aluminum Investment and Plaster Casting with optional NC machining
  • quick tooling in aluminum, brass or soft steel
  • EDM, wire-cutting, laser cutting and CNC machining
  • generative technologies to manufacture tool inserts or cores (DTM/SLS)
  • Wire Cutting, EDM and CNC machining of parts
  • Bending and Coining Dies for Leadframes, Terminals and Contact Springs
All prototype deliveries include comprehesive dimensional reports covering the functional characteristics that have been agreed with our customer at the start of the program. We want you to exactly know the condition of the parts that you use for your prototype build!

Just contact us and send your CAD data file for a quotation of your next prototyping job.
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