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Our strength is our competence in converting ideas into real products. Utilize the experience of our engineers in component manufacturing, tooling and quality engineering for the successful industrialisation of your product into volume production.

Let us steer your product into production - in close cooperation with leading world-class manufacturers in plastic injection molding, insert and outsert molding, stamping and pressing, light metal processing, cable and flexible shaft production.

Examples of our Expertise in Assemblies:

- ECU for Engine and Motor Controllers

- ECU for Water and Oil Pump Controllers

- ECU for Active Body Control Systems

- EV/EHV Battery Junction Boxes (BJB)

- Battery Management Controllers (BMC)

- EV/EHV Power Distribution Units (PDU)

- Single and Double Inverters (E-Mobility)

- E-Motors, Actuators and Sensors

- Sunroof and Convertible Top Drives





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