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Injection Molding

Intensa has vast expertise in injection molding and injection molds, and is your source from product definition to CAD/CAE Engineering and trouble-free volume production.

The optimized part design for injection moldings is our key goal and is the pre-condition for process-capable and cost-effective manufacturing.

In our projects we focus on engineering thermoplastic resins such (e.g. PA6, PA66, PBT, PET, POM, PPA, PPS, ...) for engineered components and for decorative parts mostly PC, ABS, ABS/PC and PMMA are used.   



Case Study: ECU Housing

Project goal was the product engineering and production of an electronics housing for an automotive "under-the-hood" application.

We started with collecting all the functional and environmental requirements in a workshop together with our (Tier1) customer.

The following contract included design work for the housing part plus integrated connectors, the production of Rapid Prototyping parts with SLS (selective laser sintering) technology and the subsequent manufacture of production injection molds in glass-reinforced PBT-GF30 resin.

The main challenge was to secure the harsh sealing requirements for the engine compartment environment. Prior to mold design a comprehensive MoldFlowTM analysis was conducted which provided valuable hints for optimum gate and runner location and a subsequent "steel safe" tool design. The results showed impressive correlation with the later molded samples.

The plastic housing is in volume production now at our customer´s own molding shop and the Intensa team continues to service the customer for the complete life of program.  




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