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Metal Die Casting

Take advantage of our vast experience in metal die castings for various customer industries! Especially when it comes to close tolerance parts in ZAMAC, Aluminum and Magnesium alloys, such as Housings and Covers, You can count on us coming up with a competitive proposal. Let us take care of your program from concept design, "soft tool" prototyping (e.g. from plaster molds) and construction of the volume production dies. Together with proven manufacturing partners we offer you competitive production and reliable deliveries worldwide. In addition to processing your parts on state-of-the-art cold and hot chamber machines, we assume full responsibility for secondary operations such as machining (e.g. on CNC centers) and surface treatment.

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Case Study: Die Casting

The scope of this program comprised the design and manufacture of an ECU Housing for an automotive controller. Starting out from our customer's requirements (such as temperature, sealing, vibration, etc.) and the packaging envelope, we created a CAD design concept, first SLS laser sintered prototypes for checking the fit with PCB, seal ring and multi-way connector. After approval we manufactured the die and delivered the production parts in DIN 231 alloy.




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