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Outsert Molding is a metal/plastic compound (sometimes also referred to as "hybrid") and offers a great potential for cost savings in mechanical assemblies: movable and/or solid functional palstic elements are molded onto a substrate metal plate in just one single shot.

That's how you save many individual parts which functions can be integrated into a then multi-functional outsert component.

Intensa provides you with full project support during the engineering phase and then brings your new outsert product into volume production.

Let us analyze your current mechanisms and assemblies for hidden cost saving potential - we are always willing to come on-site to your location and conduct a joint workshop that may lead to surprising redesign proposals for your specific application. 




Case Study: Guide Plate Assy

This project is a perfect case study for successfully implementing a redesign proposal in volume production. Intensa was contracted by TB&C Outsert Center and made responsible for product design, prototyping, tooling and subsequent volume production of this guide plate assembly ultimately manufactured for Océ Technologies, Venlo/The Netherlands.

The outsert assembly consists of 3 outsert (overmolded) steel plates and belongs to paper size selector unit in copy machines.

After thorough analysis of the previous design and its many parts, Intensa came up with an attractive redesign proposal that led to substantial cost savings. Those cost savings were realized by eliminating components and its assembly processes by successful integration of various functions into one single multi-functional outsert component.


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