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Drive Cables (Helix Cables) 

Mechanical helix cables are responsible for driving the kinematic mechanisms opening, tilting and closing your sunroof. Those drive cables can be ideally combined with other technologies from the Intensa portfolio, such as overmolding and stamped sheet metal parts serving as reinforcement brackets for increasingly stringent mis-use and crash test requirements.

Benefit from our expertise with HOPFLEX TM drive cables with or without flocking for reduced noise levels. Typical target applications are automotive sunroofs, convertible tops or window lifters but we also helped to drive the BOSCH-SIEMENS LiftMaticTM oven kitchen appliances.

Contact us as the authorised sales and engineering provider of E.C. Hopkins Ltd. and we will be pleased to service you from concept design and prototyping all the way through volume production!



Case Study: Drive Cable for Vehicle Sunroof System

This project was implemented on behalf of our manufacturing partner E.C. Hopkins Ltd. for Webasto Roof Systems where we started out with CAD Engineering and ended up with volume production.

The mechanical drive cables with overmolded cams and guiding features drive sunroof kinematics, which are responsible for opening, tilting and closing the roof.

Both our locations in Auburn Hills/MI and Austria were and still are involved in supporting our customer plants in the US and Europe.

The drive cables are manufactured in England and distributed on a JIT basis to our customer´s warehouse.




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