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Insert Molding

Utilize the potential of insert molding to incorporate various electrical, electronic, and mechanical function into a multi-functional molding: from multi-way connectors, connector sockets and plugs to housings with integrated and overmolded terminals and leadframes or individual contact pins. Benefit from an effective, efficient and proven manufacturing technology!

Take advantage of Intensa's expertise and competence in insert molding, which we have gained from many industrialized projects so far.

We support your insert molding project from concept design to Rapid Prototyping (e.g. with vacuum-cast resin parts) and pre-production parts by creating metal-filled resin molds.

For production tooling and volume production of your insert moldings we utilise our own vertical rotary table molding machines (90 - 300 ton clamping force) and cooperate with leading and competitive manufacturers - just ask us for a quotation of your requirements!




Case Study: PCB Carrier Frame

The objective in this project was the development and manufacture of a grid frame to support a PCB on one side and an aluminum substrate on the other side. The insert molding features 5 stamped grids, overmolded in 2 layers. The "under the hood" component is used in an ECU housing and is exposed to temperatures up to 135° C. Intensa was in charge of the complete project management including product engineering, prototyping, tooling up to approval. The PCB Carrier Frame features terminals in OFE-Cu and CuSn6 alloys with 0,50 mm and 0,80 mm metal thickness some of them stamped from pre-tinned coil, others post-tinned shear edges as well after stamping. Due to the temparature environment and the solder temperature during further processing of the part, a heat stabilized glass fiber reinforced PA66 grade was specified. 




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