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Sheet Metal Stamping

If you are using sheet metal stamping for the manufacture of your mechanical components, you can count on Intensa: stampings, pressings and deep-drawn sheet metal parts from steel, brass, bronze and copper!

Sheet Metal Stamping is a very cost effective manufacturing technology and therefore more and more applications including related surface treatments and platings are being developed.

Intensa supports you and if you wish, drives the process of converting simple stampings into complex and highly integrated stampings, assuming more and more functions into a single piece.

Consult with us for your next progressive-die or transfer-die stamping requirements, and be prepared to be surprised by the intelligent features we can incorporate into your part:

  • Corner Connection for higher stiffness ("closed box" approach)
  • Crimping and Riveting Features
  • Coining and Deep-Drawing
  • Ground Contacts and EMC Connection
  • Compliant Zones (Pressfit) for solderless PCB connections




Case Study: Cover for ECU housing

This stamping made of aluminum sheet metal is deep-drawn, coined and stamped in several progressive steps and is used as ECU cover to effectively dissipate heat from the electronic devices during operation of the ECU unit.

 Together with our manufacturing partner Metech Metal Technology s.r.o. we at Intensa provided CAD product engineering, tool manufacture and PPAP submission services. The Intensa team still supports the customer since the stamping has reached full production stage and is being shipped on an ongoing basis.




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